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We gradually improve the guidelines, add hints and advices here based on your feedback. 


You can download our native Android application directly from Google Play. We do support Android 5.0 and newer.

You have these options to get data out of IO Frog:
A) Setup forwarding of all messages via REST API, more details:
B) Access records via REST API to get the list of devices and messages based on the timestamp or specified year/month/day. The authorisation is based on access/refresh tokens that has to be implemented first, more details:
C) We can provide an example of export in JSON for testing/evaluation purposes on demand
  1. Make sure, you have a Sigfox signal at your place. You can check it here.
  2. Every device type may use different activation strategy that should be described in device manual.
    • SimplePack: Press the button for minimum of 6 seconds. Device will send an activation message that you should see in IO Frog.
    • SimpleLeak: Put water (2mm level is enough) onto a plate and place the device in it. Short beep will sound. Remove from water. After 15 secs, three short beeps announce the Start of operation.
    • Insafe+: It automatically sends a message after you insert the battery.

This is usually caused by wrong ID or PAC code. PAC (Porting Authorization Code) is a one-time activation code that is used to register a device under a new contract.

If your device has been already activated in Sigfox network under different provider (inc., your original PAC expired and you need to get the current PAC available at via menu Device > Information.

If you have any concerns related to using IO Frog in the cloud and consider running the platform on your own premises, please consider these options/ideas:
A) IO Frog can work as B2B middleware. We can setup the solution in such a way that messages coming from device will be only processed in IO Frog and then sent via REST API to client’s systems for further processing. 
B) You can theoretically run the system on local computer but you will need to handle all operation and maintenance tasks by yourself, and the TCO will increase dramatically. IO Frog is currently running on 5 servers in Amazon AWS + load balancer. Amazon is investing billions into their infrastructure, security, add-ons and tools. Even large companies are using similar cloud services including banks and energy. We would definitely worry more about the local installation today.
C) We definitely do not suggest to run any IoT solution on one dedicated computer because of low availability, and high risk concerns 
D) IO Frog is using 3rd party services with our company tokens / security keys. For example Google geolocation service, Twilio SMS service, Paypal payment gateway. Moving the solution to different server also means exposing these keys which is not possible, so you will need your own keys = more effort and investment needed. 

You can download iOS app from App Store for free

At this moment we keep 20.000 messages in our DB. It may be a subject of change based on the infrastructure / performance limits.

You can find and print invoices from menu Profile > Orders

If you have a direct access to with valid connectivity contract (commercial or free), you can connect your device to I/O Frog and benefit from our platform as well.

Because we do not have an access to your Sigfox account, there will a few limitations:

  1. We cannot register your device on behalf of you in Sigfox network.
  2. You have to setup callbacks to I/O Frog in, so the messages are forwarded to IO Frog.
  3. You have to check connectivity expiration by yourself and same applies to your subscription plan (e.g. maximum number of uplink/downlink messages)

In such case, we give you 90 days of platform access for free. If you are happy with us, you can easily extend the platform according to the current price list.

Before any payment, you have to fill in your billing details. You will find your billing data at Profile > Billing.

We offer these payment options:

  1. Paypal – press Buy Now:
  2. Credit or debit card – press button based on you card type:

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from Paypal shortly after the payment is processed:

You can print your invoice at Profile > Orders if you click on printer icon at selected purchase order:

Currently we support and have tested these devices:

  • Amosense
    • ATOZ – Wifi tracker
  • Betacontrol
    • SiFi Smoke alarm
    • SiWa Water leakage detector
  • Carius Tech
    • Chipfox GPS tracker
  • Codea
    • GX-GS Gas consumption meter
  • Comet
    • IoT Sensor – temperature, atm. pressure, humidity, dew point
  • Connected Invetions
    • Connected AirWits
    • Connected AirWits C02
  • Elko EP
    • AirIM-100S
  • ieThings
    • IET10 GPS/WiFi Tracker
  • IOTA
    • Door sensors (indoor/outdoor)
    • Water lever sensor
    • Manhole cover sensor
  • Nexelec
    • Insafe+Origi, Smoke detector and air quality monitoring
    • Insafe+Carbon, CO2 detector and air quality monitoring
    • Insafe+Pilot, Air quality monitoring
  • SensaTag
    • SensaTag Wifi 1.0
  • SI2C
    • Electronic Seal
    • Parking Pill
  • SimpleHW
    • SimpleLeak 1.0  –  water leakage detector
    • SimpleLeak 3.0 –  water leakage detector
    • SimplePack 1.1 API5 (inc. DevKit)  –  multifunctional IoT device
    • SimplePack 1.2 API4 (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device
    • SimplePack 2.0 API5 (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device
    • SimplePack 3.0  (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device
  • Sigfox
    • Sensit Discovery 3.1 – multifunctional IoT device
  • Siterwell
    • GS156S Water Leakage Alarm
    • GS300S Motion Detector PIR
    • GS816A Carbon monoxide
    • GS558D Smoke alarm
  • Solidus Tech
    • RFID Reader
  • Suntech
    • ST730 GPS/WiFi tracker
  • Thinxtra
    • Xtrak GPS tracker
    • XTrakR – Geolocation tracker
    • XTrakS – Cold Chain temperature/humidity monitor, GPS tracker
    • XSense – Geolocation, temperature, humidity, 3D accelerometer
    • XPress – Geolocation, 3D accelerometer
  • Other
    • Analog GPS
    • Generic (no payload processing)

HW developers may benefit from Generic device type that stores and displays raw messages from any Sigfox compatible device.

Your favourite device is not on the list? If you contact us, we happily analyse the possibility to support it!

It is possible, please, send us your request to and specify:

  1. Device ID you want to transfer
  2. Username of current account
  3. Username of target account

Uplink = messages sent from your device

Downlink = new device settings sent from the server to device

We do support the latest version of:

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
First you need device that supports WiFi sniffing for example SimplePack 3.0 WiFi or Full, or ieThings IET10.
Some devices like ieThings IET10 are sending location by default and do not require any special setup. Other devices like SimplePack require setting the correct mode via downlink.
If you have SimplePack 3.0 WiFi or Full, please go Settings > Downlink tab and choose Trace Me Wifi mode for example or any other mode supporting WiFi. Save the settings and press the button on the device for 10s until the red LED starts blinking. Then arm device by single press and from that moment, device will try to sniff MAC addresses of WiFi routers around you in 10 minutes interval by default. These MAC addresses are sent to the server and the server tries to get latitude/longitude if that latitude/longitude is available for particular WiFi router. You can check the result in the History.
Based on your subscription, you may also receive location messages from Sigfox as well. These messages contain location based on the signal strength or Sigfox also tries to translate MAC addresses into latitude/longitude in case of Atlas WiFi service.




Caution: the next big release will enable management of devices in hierarchical structure and devices will be accessed by the users with different levels of permissions. This may have an impact on API points and the structure of JSON format. Expected release date is May/June. We will try to do the best to minimise the impact and communicate the changes as soon as possible. These API points should stay same or with very minimum impact:


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