Simplified registration

You can run IO Frog (or white-label solution) with following URL parameters:

  • userLevel , e.g. to force user experience level during the sign up. Options are:
    • casual (Casual level)
    • scout (Scout level)
    • explorer (Explorer level)
    • integrator (Integrator level)
  • deviceId, e.g. to force particular device ID to registration of new device
  • deviceTypeId  e.g. to force selection of desired device type to registration of new device. These deviceTypeId are currently available:
    • airim100s_1_0 for AirIM-100 1.0
    • generic for generic Sigfox device (no upload parsing)
    • gps for generic Analog GPS (non Sigfox)
    • insafe_origin_1_0 Insafe+Origin API 1.0 and 2.0
    • sensit_3_1 for Sensit API 3.1
    • sifi_0_2 for SiFi API 0.2
    • simple_leak_1_0 for Simple Leak 1.0
    • simple_leak_3_0_6_0 for Simple Leak 3.0 (API6)
    • simple_pack_4_0 for Simple Pack API 4
    • simple_pack_5_0 for Simple Pack API 5
    • simple_pack_plus_basic_3_0_6_0 for SimplePack Plus Bsic 3.0 (API6)
    • simple_pack_plus_door_3_0_6_0 for SimplePack Plus Door 3.0 (API6)
    • simple_pack_plus_full_3_0_6_0 for SimplePack Plus Full 3.0 (API6)
    • simple_pack_plus_wifi_3_0_6_0 for SimplePack Plus Wifi 3.0 (API6)
    • siwa_0_9 for SiWa API 0.9
Parameters are stored into the local storage of web browser and are kept here until the registration is finished. User is allowed to changed the parameters during the registration process.