Simple Pack API 6 support + downlink and modes redesign

  1. Support for upcoming Simple Pack 3.0 API6 (available soon) including:
    1. Wifi based localisation in map
    2. Light sensor
    3. Magnetometer
    4. Magnetic reed switch
  2. Support for upcoming Simple Leak 3.0 API6 (available soon)
  3. Re-design of downlink setup and device modes
    1. Possibility to send more then 8 bytes enables a higher level of device customisation
    2. Device mode setup is moved to Settings > Downlink tab because setting the mode is a part of downlink setup (= only some device types work in different modes).
    3. Arm/disarm switch on Simple Pack device dashboard is transformed to Active / Suspended processing. This new switch is available for all device types. Arming/Disarming functionality is available on Settings > Downlink tab as a part of downlink setup. This change enables independent setup of arming/disarming and active/suspended processing of incoming messages.
    4. Mode names are unified across all languages and kept only in English to simplify communication with HW manufactures and the support team
    5. Unified UX for downlink setup across all device types