Pre-imported devices

For long-term partners, we offer a bulk import of devices in structure:

    "name":"Smoke detector",
    "providerId": "nexelec",
    "productId": "1Y_silver_and_platform_registration",
    "isPrepaid": false,
    "status": {
        "partner": "nexelec",
        "isRegistered": false

Optional: owner, notification setup, downlink to be loaded to device.

This import enables the partner’s customers super simple, error free registration of new devices in following steps:

  1. End-user enters device ID or scan the QR code in mobile app (not implemented yet)

  1. The correct device type is chosen automatically
  1. Optional notification setup
  1. All connectivity details are pre-filed including the optimal subscription program for particular device. The user may change the device name or leave the default and has to enter last 3 characters from PAC code to verify his/her eligibility to register such devices.  All other steps are same as for non-imported devices.
  2. The system creates a new item in the shopping cart.
  3. The end user is navigated to the shopping cart and finishes the payment.
  4. The system registers device in Sigfox network