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Support for Enless Wireless devices

Added support for temperature, temperature & humidity, temperature PT100, pulses, and contact Enless devices.

IOTA Water Depth level sensor

I/O Frog added support for the Water depth level sensor manufactured by IOTA.

I/O Frog supports Smilio Action sensor by Skiply

With support from Sigfox France, we have added a support for one more device - Skiply Smilio.

Adeunis Temp 3.0

With support from Sigfox France, we have added support for a very smart temperature meter from Adeunis.

New Pricing model 2020

We would like to advise you about the changes in I/O Frog pricing model.

White listing of MAC addresses in IO Frog

Do you have WiFi routers with MAC addresses not being listed in Google database?

Realtime dashboards

Main dashboard and Message log dashboard are now updating the messages/charts/gauges in realtime.

I/O Frog supports Parking sensor Tekzipark from TEKZITEL

Smart Parking Sensor enables you to manage your parking facilities efficiently with real-time.

AirQuality TVOC in IO Frog

Added support for measurement of TVOC manufuctured by Connected Inventions, Finland.

Significant UX improvements on Main dashboard

We have deployed several improvements of Main dashboard Favourite devices. Check all listed changes inside.

Improved messages related to expiration in Main the dashboard

Improved messages of expired connectivity in the Main Dashboard with new call for action button.
Siterwell WaterLeak and Motion sensor

Siterwell Water Leakage and PIR Motion sensors

Check the Water Leakage and PIR Motion sensors manufactured by Siterwell, now supported in IO Frog platform.

CO2, temperature and humidity metering with Connected AirWits

Take a look at recently added support for AirWits sensors manufactured by Connected Inventions.

I/O Frog now supports SensaTag Wifi

Check out recently added support for Sensatag Wifi manufactured by SensaTag.

Manhole Cover Sensor with IOTA MHC R1

The I/O Frog now supports robust, industrial grade IOTA Manhole Cover Sensor.

New view type Chart in Main Dashboard

Pre-define your favourite Chart view of each device and always have the key information at hand right after login.

New supported devices from Thinxtra and Amosense

Take a closer look at new supported devices from Thinxtra and Amosense.

New Message log Dashboard

New Message log dashboard created to simply list all messages from all devices (for POC, testing, support…).

Water level monitor with IOTA Water level sensor

Detect presence of water at certain regulated level with new supported IOTA Water level sensor.

New device filtering options in Diagnostics dashboard

Added filtering of devices with soon to be expired connectivity/platform, and expired connectivity/platform in Diagnostics dashboard.

Authorization header in forwarding service

Added support for custom "Authorization header" to message forwarding setup. If you are using services that requires the authorisation using a token, enter the token into newly added Authorization header field and keep username and password empty. If you enter the username and password, the IO Frog will use Basic authorization.

Upgraded support for GPS/WiFi tracker IE10 from ieThings

Added new messages related to magnet tampering/reseating, separate heartbeat message and translation review.

Door status with IOTA Door sensor

Monitor all opening and closing of indoor/outdoor doors with IOTA Door sensors.

Data matrix and improved export to CSV

Choose actions, data fields, date from / to, and retrieve messages into table or export them to CSV file.

No need to define separate geofence rules for arrival and departure

We have simplified definition of geofence areas. No need to define separate geofence rules for arrival and departure but server will evaluate departures and arrivals. You can still separately define notification for each type of action.

Export to CSV

The first version of data export to CSV file is ready! The next version will enable better customisation.

Added charts do device history

Is your device sending temperature, battery voltage, humidity, or any other data we show in mobile app? You will find the same charts in Device > History, tab Charts.

Time line in Tracing dashboard

Tracing history is now rendered in timeline with better UX!

Improved UX of main menu and button "Add device"

The functions related to User profile were moved under User name sub-menu and the button starting the new device registration processes was moved to main menu.

Improved tracing dashboard

New / improved features

Customise your tracing dashboard

Now you can customise your tracing dashboard

Gas consumption with Codea GX-SG

Check your gas consumption in your mobile app - see increments and total number of impulses.

Improved diagnostic dashboard

Polished column labels and added info about connectivity and platform expiration.

Improved device tiles in the main dashboard

You can now see the same message details in the web app, public app, Android app and iOS app dashboard.

New tracing dashboard

Completely new Tracing dashboard was developed together with partner from Croatia to improve the support for various tracing use cases. You can easily find active, recently active, or inactive devices on the map, filter them by name, category, or geofence locaton, and then see detail tracing information.

Android app with map view

You can see all devices in one map and get a detail from there. Very convenient for tracing use cases.

Suntech ST730 support

One of the most sophisticated GPS/WiFi tracker is now supported in IO Frog platform.

Thinxtra Xtrak support

Rugged GPS tracker from Thinxtra is now supported!

GEO fencing rules improved

To increase the flexibility for working with geo rules, we have moved definition of geo fencing rules from device level to user level.

Mobile responsive

You can enjoy using the web app on mobile devices!

Public channel is mobile friendly

We have significantly improved the responsibility of public app on mobile devices.

Set GEO rules in the map

Now you will be able to enter geofencing rules right in the map. No need to copy the coordinates.

Configure any device by custom downlink

All devices can now be set by custom downlink.

Chipfox GPS tracker

Added support for GPS trackers from

Public channels

Perfect for sharing devices with people not having an account in IO Frog. Only people who know the specific URL are able to access your channel.

Hungarian and Slovak languages

Our clients from Hungary and Slovak may now benefit from fully localised version.

Multi radio zone support

This new option will enable to register devices within any RC zone on the Earth.

Siterwell Carbon Monoxide monitoring

Added support for GS816 from Siterwell

Improved UX of message history

The list of messages is now more readable with better UX!

Siterwell Smoke Alarm

Added support for device GS558D manufactured by SITERWELL

Online chat in white-label solutions

We have added an option to integrate a chat window based on your preference to white label solution.

Custom categories

Having many devices? From now you can manage them in custom categories! Support in mobile apps will follow.

iOS native app ready

From now you can receive push notifications and check your devices…

Service messages

IO Frog and all white label solutions now have new independent…

Long-term tracing history

Tracing devices may send up to 140 messages per day in Sigfox…

SimplePack tracing in Android app

Here you can see a real life example with a kind permission from our customer.

Device clustering in map view

If you have many devices at the same place, you will benefit from new device clustering feature.

Infrastructure and DB structure upgrade

Until yesterday, we had processed more than 730.000 messages from 1.201 devices used by 667 users. All these devices send about 500 messages every hour. So the last week we were super busy with redesigning data structure and improving the system in such a way that it can handle more devices, more users, and more messages...


Now you can choose Best available  = fallback location source.…

Pre-imported device for error-free device registration

The import enables super simple, error free registration of new devices to partner’s customers in 4 steps.


Air quality analysis and alerts for temperature, humidity, and CO2

Electronic seal

Smart electronic seal from SI2C will inform you about any manipulation!

Parking Pill

Monitoring of parking places with Parkig Pill from SI2C

Comet IoT support


IO Frog is able to send parsed data via REST API call to your…

SimplePack 3.0 - added a support for 19 new modes including Sigfox Atlas Wifi

Added support for these new modes: Only 2 MAC addresses (stupid…

User levels

User interface adjusts to user experience level. You may choose…

Check the signal coverage during the registration of new device

Now you may optionally enter latitude and longitude to check…

White-label solution

You may have your own clone of I/O Frog: Own URL Own…

Diagnostic dashboard

The new dashboard available under Devices menu: Signal strength…

Support of AirIM-100S

Support of very universal device from Elko EP - AirIM-100S will…

Simple Pack API 6 support + downlink and modes redesign

Support for upcoming Simple Pack 3.0 API6 (available soon)…

Android app improved (1.1.31)

Support for Android v5 and newer Device location in a…

INSAFE+ ORIGIN with smart air quality analysis

Smoke detector and smart air quality analysis in one device.…

Displaying a device in a map based on the location source

Device is displayed in a map based on its location source. You…

GEO Rules

Get notification when your device arrives in or departure from…

Android native application available

Free native Android application available on Google Play. …

E-mail notifications

From now, you can easily turn on the email notifications on your…

Facility management with SimplePack

Example of simple application monitoring several different objects…


Map View

You have an option to display your devices in a map based on…

SimplePack API 5

We have deployed a support for SimplePack API5. You can find…