Map View

You have an option to display your devices in a map based on “home” position that you can set in device settings or based on last GEO location (if included in your connectivity contract). GEO location is a Sigfox service sending a calculated position of your devices using a signal strength. Position accuracy is usually within 5km. This feature is perfect for tracking of packages, containers, trains, passenger or freight transport, and  all devices not equipped with GPS or Wifi localisation. Key features:

  • Zoom to “home” position. In case you did not set home position, system will use the last GEO position if available.
  • Zoom to last GEO position (if available)
  • Distance calculation between home and GEO position
  • Display a device detail in a map by clicking the icon
  • The system shows GEO location only if the distance from home position is bigger than 5km for better map clarity
  • Table view of devices with filtering, paging, and sorting.