Extend connectivity


Find out which devices are about to expire

1. In order to find out which device’s platform connectivity is going to expire soon, go to Diagnostic Dashboard and use filters at the top right corner to display only devices that expire soon or already expired.

(*You can skip this step if you are well aware of the expired device which needs to be extended)

Select expired device

2. Then you can either go to Main Dashboard and list through all devices until you see notification “PLATFORM ACCESS EXPIRED” with button “EXTEND” for immediate extension.

Or check the “Connectivity” details through the device menu (3 dots right top corner of each device).

(*You can also select desired device via All devices Dashboard through the device menu, hit the 3 dots to open device menu and select Connectivity)

Choose the type of connectivity

3. Once you have selected device with expired connectivity you can choose type of connectivity you want to extend. Just check the hitbox of one of the following options:

  • Connectivity and Platform (Transferring device from 3rd party connectivity provider requires current PAC code you can find in backend.sigfox.com (NOT the one that is on your device because that is already obsolete).
    • Do not forget to choose the connectivity Product – Basic, Plus or Ultra.
  • Platform only

(*In this example we selected Platform only and hit Extend button)


4. Then just hit the “EXTEND” button and go to Shopping Cart to continue with checkout.

Proceed with the payment by clicking the “Paypal” button and enter your phone number or email. Then two payment method becomes available and you can choose between credit/debit card or Paypal.

After successful payment, you will be provided with an invoice confirming your order and payment.