No need to define separate geofence rules for arrival and departure

We have simplified definition of geofence areas. No need to define separate geofence rules for arrival and departure but server will evaluate departures and arrivals. You can still separately define notification for each type of action.

Export to CSV

The first version of data export to CSV file is ready! The next version will enable better customisation.

Added charts do device history

Is your device sending temperature, battery voltage, humidity, or any other data we show in mobile app? You will find the same charts in Device > History, tab Charts.

Time line in Tracing dashboard

Tracing history is now rendered in timeline with better UX!

Improved UX of main menu and button “Add device”

The functions related to User profile were moved under User name sub-menu and the button starting the new device registration processes was moved to main menu. This change has several benefits:

  • More streamline menu – logout and language change is not performed very often.
  • Add device button does not negatively effect UI of more complex dashboards including Tracing or dashboards on small screens.

Improved tracing dashboard

New / improved features:

  • Possibility to set a distance in meters within which the location points are going to be ignored = better visibility of tracing history
  • Added map scale
  • Added more details to background map

Customise your tracing dashboard

Now you can display / hide:

  • Geofence locations in the map
  • Actions in the history
  • Location source markers in the map (GPS, WiFi, Atlas…)

Gas consumption with Codea GX-SG

Check your gas consumption with Codea GX-GS in your mobile app – see increments and total number of impulses.

Improved diagnostic dashboard

Polished column labels and added info about connectivity and platform expiration.

Improved device tiles in the main dashboard

You can now see the same message details in the web app, public app, Android app and iOS app dashboard.