Multi radio zone support

Correct device certification is now being used in Sigfox registration process after you choose the RC zone during device setup. This new option will enable to register devices within any RC zone on the Earth.

Improved UX of message history

The list of messages is now more readable with better UX! Focus on Action and see message detail by selecting the row:

Siterwell Smoke Alarm

Added support for device GS558D manufactured by SITERWELL.

Online chat in white-label solutions

To better support the end-users, we have added an option to integrate a chat window based on your preference to white label solutions. The partners now have an option to communicate directly with their own clients using their own tools!

Custom categories

Having many devices? From now you can manage them in custom categories! Support in mobile apps will follow.

  • Define your own categories under Profile
  • Assign device to specific category in Settings
  • Filter devices based on the category

iOS native app ready

From now you can receive push notifications and check your devices via iOS native application available at App Store.

Service messages

IO Frog and all white label solutions now have new independent process that is regularly scanning our database at given intervals and provides new e-mail reports including:

Partner support team = the reports are sent to e-mail address defined in white label solution (if any).

More reports will follow soon!

Long-term tracing history

Tracing devices may send up to 140 messages per day in Sigfox network. It is about 4.200 positions per month and 51.100 per year. Imagine you want to visualise the movement over the last 12 months…It is impossible to download and render so many pints in the map. And if we were able to do it, you would see thousands of points and poly lines that would hardly give you any benefit.

IO Frog is now processing location based messages using Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm to significantly reduce the number of points that may be less important because of high proximity. The result is a possibility to visualise thousands of tracing points in one map.

SimplePack tracing in Android app

Here you can see a real life example with a kind permission from our customer. You can turn on/off the tracing history, choose the time period, and select the optimal source of location data.