Now you can choose Best available  = fallback location source. This mode combines latitude and longitude from data messages sent by devices equipped with GPS or WiFi sniffing technology with Sigfox Atlas and Atlas Wifi data if GPS/WiFi data is not available at that moment.

Pre-imported device for error-free device registration

The import enables super simple, error free registration of new devices to partner’s customers in 4 steps.


Air quality analysis and alerts for temperature, humidity, and CO2

Electronic seal

Smart electronic seal from SI2C will inform you about any manipulation!

Parking Pill

Monitoring of parking places with Parkig Pill from SI2C

Comet IoT support


IO Frog is able to send parsed data via REST API call to your server right after the message arrives. This feature is available only for the user level = Integrator (set in Profile). You can define multiple forwards in Device Setup > Microservices.

SimplePack 3.0 – added a support for 19 new modes including Sigfox Atlas Wifi

Added support for these new modes:

  • Only 2 MAC addresses (stupid mode)
  • Press me WiFi Atlas
  • Guard me WiFI Atlas
  • Track me  WiFI Atlas
  • Trace me  WiFI Atlas
  • Don’t drop me  WiFI Atlas
  • Reed contact on/off  WiFI Atlas
  • Light on/off  WiFI Atlas
  • Temperature threshold alert WiFi Atlas
  • Temperature monitoring WiFI Atlas
  • Press me WiFi – precise
  • Guard me WiFI – precise
  • Track me  WiFI – precise
  • Trace me  WiFI – precise
  • Don’t drop me  WiFI – precise
  • Reed contact on/off  WiFI – precise
  • Light on/off  WiFI – precise
  • Temperature threshold alert WiFi – precise
  • Temperature monitoring WiFI – precise

User levels

User interface adjusts to user experience level. You may choose from:

  • Casual
    • Best for user with minimum IT  & IoT experience
    • Very simple user interface
  • Scout
    • For end-users with more devices
    • Connectivity management
    • Full notifications setup
  • Explorer
    • For device managers that need setup devices with downlinks
  • Integrator
    • Forward of messages to other servers and debugging tools. Currently not implemented.