Thinxtra Xtrak support

Rugged GPS tracker from Thinxtra is now supported!

GEO fencing rules improved

To increase the flexibility for working with geo rules, we have moved definition of geo fencing rules from device level to user level.

  1. You can define different geo fencing rules in Profile > Geo rules
  2. Apply these rules for specific devices in device Settings > Geo rules
  3. Choose Arrival / Departure notification channels in Settings > Notifications

We have also improved the processing of geo rules, so now the rules reflect the preference of location source and add info about Departure/Arrival to message details.

Unfortunately, we were not able to transfer existing geo fencing rules you already had, so you need to set then again in a new structure. We do apologise for this inconvenience!

Mobile responsive

You can enjoy using the web app on mobile devices!

Public channel is mobile friendly

We have significantly improved the responsibility of public app on mobile devices.

Set GEO rules in the map

Now you will be able to enter geofencing rules right in the map. No need to copy the coordinates.

Configure any device by custom downlink

All devices can now be set by custom downlink. This feature is only for experts and integrators.

Chipfox GPS tracker

Added support for GPS trackers from

Public channels

Perfect for sharing devices with people not having an account in IO Frog. Only people who know the specific URL are able to access your channel.

  1. Define your own public channel under Profile
  2. Assign device to specific public channel in Settings
  3. Share your devices via public channel URL

Hungarian and Slovak languages

Our clients from Hungary and Slovak may now benefit from fully localised version. Many thanks to, our new partner, for providing translated resources!

Multi radio zone support

Correct device certification is now being used in Sigfox registration process after you choose the RC zone during device setup. This new option will enable to register devices within any RC zone on the Earth.