Creating white-label solution

If you have more than 100 devices, we can create a white label solution based on your needs. The standard features include:

  • access from your own URL
  • own logo
  • own colours
  • white labe mobile app for 1.000+ devices

The standard set is free of charge. More customisation is possible on project based basis.

Please, feel free to send us an inquiry to including:

  1. Summary of your project including use case, customer description, location, end-user benefits
  2. Device type and number of devices, eg. 500 x SimplePack 3.0 Plus Wifi
  3. Who will provide Sigfox connectivity (you provide your own or if we should provide)
  4. Who will pay for the platform access? You based on invoices or your customer directly to us?
  5. Logo that will be rendered in a box of 977 × 179px in transparent png format
  6. Domain name you want to run the app, e.g. You need to have an access to DNS administration of such domain and be able to add new CNAME records. 
  7. Specify colour swapping matrix = how should we change our current colours, please, verify how they match together with your logo.
    1. #071a43 (top banner background)
    2. #1689ce (blue highlights)
    3. #fc4482 (accented/alerted pink text)
  8. Additional requirements if any