I/O Frog now supports SensaTag Wifi

Sensatag wifi – Asset tag with geolocation based on Wifi Positioning and Bluetooth, with failover to Sigfox Atlas. Including accurate temperature and movement sensors.

Manhole Cover Sensor with IOTA MHC R1

The I/O Frog now supports robust, industrial grade IOTA Manhole Cover Sensor that detects opening of manhole cover and immediately sends an alert.

New view type Chart in Main Dashboard

Pre-define your favourite Chart view of each device and always have the key information at hand right after login.

Simply go to:

  • Device settings
  • General
  • View type – Chart
  • and select one of available charts

Charts are currently build on last 140 messages. If no chart selected, the first one will be displayed.

New supported devices from Thinxtra and Amosense

The IO Frog platform now supports all devices from Thinxtra.

  • XTrakR – Geolocation tracker
  • XTrakS – Cold Chain temperature/humidity monitor, GPS tracker
  • XSense – Geolocation, temperature, humidity, 3D accelerometer
  • XPress – Geolocation, 3D accelerometer

Also take a closer look at ATOZ (luxury Wifi tracker from South Korea) manufactured by Amosense.

New Message log Dashboard

New Message log dashboard created to simply list all messages from all devices (for POC, testing, support…).

Water level monitor with IOTA Water level sensor

Detect presence of water at certain regulated level with new supported IOTA Water level sensor.

New device filtering options in Diagnostics dashboard

Added filtering of devices with soon to be expired connectivity/platform, and expired connectivity/platform in Diagnostics dashboard, more filtering options will be added later.

Authorization header in forwarding service

Added support for custom “Authorization header” to message forwarding setup. If you are using services that requires the authorisation using a token, enter the token into newly added Authorization header field and keep username and password empty. If you enter the username and password, the IO Frog will use Basic authorization. 

Upgraded support for GPS/WiFi tracker IE10 from ieThings

Added new messages related to magnet tampering/reseating, separate heartbeat message and translation review. Credits to Xperanti, Maylasia for help and valuable inputs. 

Note: some messages in history may not be correctly rendered in case you already have a firmware with separate 4 byte heartbeat message that was not supported before. Please, ignore the issue or delete the message history. 

Door status with IOTA Door sensor

Monitor all opening and closing of indoor/outdoor doors with IOTA Door sensors.