White listing of MAC addresses in IO Frog

Do you have WiFi routers with MAC addresses not being listed in Google database? Provide us CSV file and IO Frog will calculate correct latitude/longitude in case your device is close to one of the white-listed WiFi routers.

Format of CSV file:

1C740D0E18D3, 50.6481018, 14.0696997
1C740D0E18D4, 50.5435654, 14.2312332

Realtime dashboards

Main dashboard and Message log dashboard are now updating the messages/charts/gauges in realtime. Get an update immediately right after the message arrives without refreshing the browser.

Realtime support in other dashboards including the map location will follow!

I/O Frog supports Parking sensor Tekzipark from TEKZITEL

Smart Parking Sensor enables you to manage your parking facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data.

TEKZIPARK improves visibility for drivers and parking enforcement officers. It allows organizations to become – Agile, Intelligent and Adaptive. Drivers can find parking faster and easier. Parking control officers can detect parking violations and improve their enforcement effectiveness.

AirQuality TVOC in IO Frog

Added support for measurement of TVOC from Connected Inventions, Finland.

The term TVOC refers to the total concentration of multiple airborne VOCs present simultaneously in the air. TVOC methods do not measure all VOCs in the air, but a subset of VOCs that are expected to be present.

Measuring TVOC concentrations is less expensive than measuring the concentrations of many individual VOCs.

Significant UX improvements on Main dashboard

We have deployed several improvements of Main dashboard “Favourite devices“.

List of improvements:

  1. User is no longer limited to maximum 12 devices, all new devices added by wizard will be added to favourites by default (user may choose otherwise)
  2. Dashboard “Favorite devices” is renamed to Main dashboard
  3. User may list devices in all categories on Main dashboard
  4. Possibility to filter devices by ID (case insensitive, full ID has to be entered), Name (full text search, case insensitive), Category (selection), Device type (multiple selection)
  5. Maximum 12 devices on one screen + paging to other devices matching the filter
  6. Responsive filter form on mobile devices with automatic hiding to save the screen space
  7. App remembers the last selected category (via browser storage)

We hope that these improvements offer much better value from the updated dashboard.

You may expect more features helping you to manage a large number of devices in next releases.

Improved messages related to expiration in Main the dashboard

Improved messages in case of expired Sigfox connectivity or platform subscription of favourite devices in the Main dashboard with newly added “call for action” button for immediate extension.

Siterwell WaterLeak and Motion sensor

Siterwell Water Leakage and PIR Motion sensors

Enhance your Smart Home/Business with Siterwell Water leakage and PIR motion sensors, now supported in I/O Frog platform.

GS300S Motion Detector PIR – be used to detect the movement of the people.

GS156S Water Leakage Alarm – be used to detect the water leakage anywhere leaks could happen.

Siterwell products are exported to around 66 countries, its products mainly include: various types of sensor alarm (e.g.: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas detectors, heat detectors, water/water level detectors); fog machine (stop stealing networking products); IoT intelligent security; smart home networking products and so on.

Want to see more devices that we support? Check more information here.

CO2, temperature and humidity metering with Connected AirWits

The I/O Frog now supports two new devices Connected AirWits and Connected AirWits CO2 manufactured by Connected Inventions.

Connected AirWits is a connected temperature and humidity metering device with ultra long battery life of five years.

Connected AirWits CO2 is a connected carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity metering device for real and accurate air quality monitoring with ultra low lifetime costs.

I/O Frog now supports SensaTag Wifi

We are excited to share with you more devices supported in our platform and improve the user experience together.

Sensatag WiFi – Asset tag with geolocation based on Wifi Positioning and Bluetooth, with failover to Sigfox Atlas. Including accurate temperature and movement sensors.

Sensatag offers an easy way to give your assets a voice. They provide low-cost & low-power IoT trackers for non-powered assets.

Manhole Cover Sensor with IOTA MHC R1

The I/O Frog now supports robust, industrial grade IOTA Manhole Cover Sensor that detects opening of manhole cover and immediately sends an alert.